Our Story

Our Story


I'm Nicole, mother to three amazing children, wife to an underground miner, stand-up paddle enthusiast, and founder of Lena James & Company.  Our not-so-little family of five lives in Haines, known as the "Adventure Capital of Alaska" along with our Golden Labrador, Ole.

I've been called 'baby obsessed' my entire life, and it's true, I really do love everything about babies!  Which of course includes baby clothing, I will admit it's the one thing I 'hoard', I honestly keep too much of my children's clothing, but for me they hold so many memories and as soon as I hold an outfit I can remember specific moments with them.  So naturally when the idea to start my own brand came to me it just made sense to do it.

I chose to use bamboo because I love that it stretches to accommodate growing babies and allow you get more use out of each item.  My first products were the Grow-with-Me Zippy and 2-Piece Pjs, but as the company grows I'm excited to add more variety!  

As for the name of my company it's named after my youngest daughter, Lena James since it beautifully encapsulates both feminine and masculine attributes, and she was the driving force behind the inception of this business.  The "& Company" pays tribute to my older two children, Isla and Porter, who have also been significant inspirations in my journey towards fulfilling this dream.

Thank you for being here and supporting this dream and our family. 

P.s. We ALWAYS love hearing from you. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Nicole Lorentz 
Founder, Lena James & Company
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